We guarantee that the chamomile oil in our Inkarna® products is distilled from freshly harvested chamomile flowers of our own cultivation and originates to 100 % from Chamomilla recutita (L.) Rauschert. We exclusively use the high-value „bisabolol-chemotype“, which is specified in the European Pharmacopoeia.

By distilling on the very day of harvesting the whole spectrum of ingredients is preserved in its natural variety.

Distillation of volatile chamomile oil from freshly harvested flowers is carried out in Sulzemoos, Upper Bavaria – on our farm (Lindenhof), which was exclusively built for this purpose.

Inkarna® CHAMOMILLA chamomile oil cream and chamomile oil lotion:

  • contain the pure „soul of chamomile flowers“ – the volatile oil distilled from fresh flowers, which still contains the full range of active ingredients
  • are certified natural cosmetics (international COSMOS STANDARD) based on skin-caring top-quality plant oils (soya-, sesame-, almond- and jojoba-oil)
  • do not contain allergenic preservatives, perfume oils, paraffins, silicones, mineral oils or colorants. The sky-blue color of our products results from the high content of chamazulene in the volatile chamomile oil
  • have a vegan recipe and are dermatologically tested and approved (their skin compatibility was awarded the grade „VERY GOOD“ by the test institute Dermatest in Münster)
  • are produced environmentally friendly (short production ways) in a sustainable cycle of nature