The process of gaining first-class chamomile oil starts with the selection of the appropriate cropland.
Chamomile is known as a so-called ruderal plant. This means that basically it may even flourish on nutrient-poor grounds. Nevertheless, like nearly all plants, it prefers fertile soils!
This is why we choose only the most fertile fields to cultivate our chamomile flowers. This is the best place for them to develop an optimum amount of healing powers.


There is an ancient saying: „Only a good sowing can produce a good harvest“! That is why sowingthe seed and cultivating our fields lay the foundation stone of our high quality standards! You could even call it a ritual. With masterly hands we take care of our fields when nature itself indicates the right time for doing so. And we are using the noblest chamomile varieties, richest in active substances worldwide!

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Harvesting / Period:

An old Germanic legend says that chamomile flowers, which have been harvested in the night of summer solstice, have magical powers! In fact the highest content of volatile oils in chamomile flowers is found in midsummer, when they are in full bloom. This is the time when we begin to harvest the flowers on our fields!

Harvesting / Technology:

The setting in of the flowering period is guided by nature! As humans we can hardly affect this process. This is the reason, why our fields transform to a swaying ocean of flowers within only a few days, with a powerful scent that can be smelt across a distance of many kilometers.
Only the efficiency of the harvesting machines, which were constructed by ourselves, enables us to perform our harvesting within the shortest time, thus preserving the highest content in active ingredients. For us this means a period, in which our task demands the deployment of all our working forces for 24 hours, day and night and each day of the week!

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Processing / Distillation:

Our distillation unit forms the heart of our company. The physical principle of steam distillation is an ancient knowledge of mankind. The only extracting agent used in this process is water vapour. It is able to extract the volatile oil (which normally seems to be nearly water-insoluble) in a most natural way from the flowers.
But it certainly takes a good portion of profound technical knowhow. Decades of development, research and continuous improvements have enabled us to gain the fascinating volatile oils from the plants in their natural complex variety! This ist he reason why our chamomile oil has won a world-wide reputation!

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Transport / Sustainability:

Short routes of transport and processing are the base for our energy-saving, sustainable and environment-friendly production.

Freshly harvested chamomile flowers bear tremendous amounts of energy! It is of crucial importance to avoid a loss or decomposition of valuable ingredients in order to get the best oil from them. Even a short temporary storage of the flowers would unavoidably lead to a fermentation process and thus to a loss of active ingredients. Our production paths are extremely short, because the Lindenhof has been built in the middle of our chamomile fields! It takes only minutes to bring the harvested crop to our distillation unit! And of course we only harvest as many flowers as can be processed immediately!

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