The Lindenhof – Domicile of the family-owned company Kistler & Co. GmbH

Our company, the „Lindenhof“, is located in an area where there was nothing else but a sea of blooming chamomile plants 25 years ago!
We have built our farm right in the heart of this sea of blossoms, in the fertile hill country of Upper Bavaria, between Munich and Augsburg, in order to concentrate on the fascinating field of distillation of aromatic healing plants.

It is here where we are catching the soul of chamomile flowers for you – to the best of our experience, knowledge and belief – the wonderful deep blue volatile chamomile oil.

The chamomile oil which we produce enjoys an excellent reputation internationally. It has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, disinfecting, circulation enhancing,, skin calming, slightly pain-inhibiting, wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effects.

In our picture gallery we want to give you an little insight into our activities. We are happy to have you look over our shoulder!

For us, the production of chamomile oil does not at first start with the harvest of the flowers, but already with the selection of the appropriate cropland, where we sow the most valuable seeds!

We care for the laws of nature and creation. Therefore we do not within a fixed time frame – it is the clock of nature that decides when the time for harvesting has come!

The fresh flowers are distilled immediately after harvesting – in order to preserve the whole natural variety of ingredients! Drying the flowers - as otherwise usual –does not take place in our production process. This is what makes our oil so unique - besides years of experience in distillation of healing plants!

By shortest production paths and a totally closed circuit - from ploughing the fields to sowing, harvesting and distillation and up until bringing the distillation residue back to the fields – we can work in an especially sustainable and environment-friendly way.